NEN 3140


Power Tools – NEN 3140

According to the Occupational Health and Safety, an employer is obliged to its employees to provide reliable power tools.
In case of an accident, the labor inspectorate will check whether the equipment is inspected in accordance with NEN 3140; the Dutch norm which controls the electrical safety of machines.
According to the legal guidelines all your power tools have to be inspected annually by a certified company. If your company has a lot of tools in circulation, it is difficult to maintain an overview and keep the workplace safe.
GTCA can help you on this! We can carry out an on-site inspection, so you won’t miss your equipment any longer as necessary.

Inspection power tools

If your machines are certified in accordance with NEN 3140, there is compliance with the legal requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Decree. An approved machine will be labeled “Approved NEN 3140”.
You will also receive a certificate with all the relevant information from the device, including the
test results with the expiry date of the inspection.
       Label-NEN3140 (640x427)

For approving machines, it has to be equipped with an unique and readable identification number, which can be found on the certificate.
Usually, this number is engraved in the machine.If you have already a system with your own identification numbers, we can make use of it. Otherwise, we can arrange this for you

With a certificate you can prove that your machines are safe, this will save you a lot of trouble with the occupational health services and insurance companies.

Benefits approve power tools

– Reduce accidents
– By monitoring and timely maintenance extend the life of your tools
– Good overview of the equipment in your business
– Inspection Certificate

GTCA inspects your power tools

We have the knowledge and the equipment for the inspection of your electrical tools.
All your electrical equipment must be inspected according the NEN3140 standard. Your power tools are part of your electrical equipment, but also tools like extension cords, printers and measuring devices.
NEN3140-meter (640x427)

On your request, GTCA can perform repairs at a pre-specified price. This includes repairs of faulty equipment
or repairs that are required according to the NEN.

Any questions about the testing of power tools or just want to know more about our approach? Please
contact us.