GTCA tank container cleaning prescription

Globally, a large part of the transport of liquids are in tank containers. The major part of these liquids in tank containers are chemicals which fall under the classification of dangerous substances.
To prevent mixing and contamination of products, each tank must be cleaned well after unloading before the next product should be loaded. Global Tank Cleaning Applications BV ( GTCA ) is a Dutch supplier of equipment for cleaning of tank containers and other portable tanks. GTCA has developed a control concept for the high-pressure water cleaning installations.The control is realized by means of a Siemens S7 -300 PLC, in combination with a Profinet WinCC Flexible SCADA solution ( Simatic TIA Portal).Here is used the developed components library. Through a control recipe a fully automatic cleaning program is spun.
Each tank can contain another product, which may require a specific cleaning program.
Our installations include a series of regular cleaning programs. In consultation with the client, we determine the structure of these programs.
The control provides the ability to customize the cleaning steps of a program with parameters so that the water temperature, detergent , duration of the cleaning, etc. which can be all custom designed. With the control we are able to do this adjustment by our self as well on location or from our office by Remote Access.The control system can be coupled to a chemical database. This product database is linked to a cleaning method, including the cleaning program. By selecting the last product in the tank, it automatically selects the appropriate cleaning program.
The controller is equipped with an MES application.This GTCA Track solution provides the ability to generate automatically reports a cleaning. For example, water, chemicals and energy are tracked per cleaning.
Also, the required cleaning certificates are automatically printed .

Obviously the installation contains Remote Access solutions to remote monitoring and provide service.